Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cuss Words

Kids always copy what their parents do and say. When the parents of these little kids are cussing the little kids go to school cussing and getting in trouble. I think parents should be a little more cautious with what they say and how they word things. I know people thinks its funny but these kids are getting themselves in trouble at school by saying bad words and slanders that some of their are using around them. The link is funny at first but if you think about the parents are encouraging him to cuss and a say probably the worst cuss word.

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clownin34 said...

Every parent thinks it is real cute to hear their young children cuss for the first time. What I think is funny is how the parents will encourage their child to cuss but when it comes to them actually getting into trouble, their views switch. The parents then have the nerve to complain at the child and become aggravated with their actions. They completely ignore the fact that it was their idea to teach them such sayings because it was "cute." So I can agree to say that parents should be much more careful with what they teach their kids.
Kids are cute regardless of what they do at times so I think the parents should just let them keep their youth and quite trying to teach them grown up sayings that will only get them into trouble. They are young and there are many other things a child can do to be considered cute with out having to involve cuss words.