Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spring Registration

Class registration for the spring semester seems to be a hot topic lately. Students all around campus are trying to get into classes that are needed for their major but, unfortunately are closed. They are doing everything to try and enroll in these vital classes. I personally, did not have any trouble registering for classes, I even got an online course. But it seems many students got the short end of the stick, like this NIU student.

What should NIU do about the students that cannot enroll in the courses that they need?
Should the school offer more sections, or should the school think of a new way for class registration?
What do you think NIU should do about this growing issue?
What do you think should be done?


the klassiest said...

I personally think that NIU should offer more sections for general ed classes and the classes that are needed for their major. Just like the person in the article we have to realize that all classes are not guaranteed no matter how early we register.

clownin34 said...

I think that NIU should offer more courses for the those that are specifically intended for certain majors. They can also make them bigger classes so that they can make sure all the students can attend the ones they need. The registrations process was not bad for me and I ended up signing up late because I forgot. I was only a day late however, I was still able to get the classes that I needed.

Gildarrious said...

I think that it needs to be added that freshmen have it much simpler as far as this is concened. Niu offers so many gen ed classes that even if a freshman picks classes a week late, it is still not a problem. Even if they cant get classes they wanted, they can get other classes that are just as relevant for them. Not to mention that courses for freshmen have hundreds of open slots for most classes, in most cases.

Criffy345 said...

I think that the key to registering online for classes is to do it early. I did mine early and also was able to find the classes I wanted. What would help would be to go to your academic adviser and help them make your schedule because they have all the info available for you and might even be able to pull a few strings in order to get you into a certain class. I also do think that NIU should have online courses as well as classroom courses. This could make for better learning because they could have online courses strictly focusing on tests or quizes. This might solve some of the problem.