Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Racial Stereotypes

This week in class we discussed stereotypes becasue that was an issue in the episode of Cavemen that we watched. In that eposide it was said that all cavemen look alike and that also is a stereotype said about several other races. What are some stereotypes that you often hear that you think are true or not at all true?


burningducttape said...

There are a lot of racial stereotypes. one is that asians are smart. This can have some negative consequences. What happens if there is an asian person that isn't smart? Will they be treated the same way as any one else of their racial background. Will they have the same opportunities? I don't believe they will. In a classroom some teachers may dismiss a student because of this stereotype thinking that they just had an off day. Racial stereotypes can cause a lot of problems for a lot of people.

clownin34 said...

I think racial stereotypes are very popular today. I also would say that these stereotypes are not taken very seriously. Most stereotypes are seen as a huge joke in society. There are many different types of "classifications" put forth by society. Such as Asians being smart, Hispanics being illegal, whites being full of opportunity, and blacks having less opportunities. All these have become a dangerous shape on how our society acts. I think we feel that by making jokes out of certain situations then the whole matter is "okay." Hence the deal with the cavemen. We, as a society feel that this group is dumb and what better way to show it then by making a sitcom. Are things like this right? Not only are they displayed as being dumb and discriminated against by the way they look, they do their own discriminating as well. In class it was also brought to the attention how the cavemen see everyone as a man. Like the women on the motorcycle and the one in the mascot outfit. The social norms of society fit in everywhere.